Friday, November 18, 2011

Nood Cafe'

If you know ME you know how much I LOOOOVE in my constant search for the perfect "breakfast" in Capetown, I indulge in something decadent probably once a week....Cafe Nood is quickly becoming a favorite for 4 main reasons:

1) It is on my way back home from Vesper's Play School
2) they have FREE wireless
3) they have some seriously YUMMY and interesting breakfast dishes
4) they serve Lavazza coffee and make the perfect cappuccinos.....

So far I have tried their Breakfast Pizza, a Health Berry Smoothie, freshly Baked Rye Bread and a fruit salad, but let me tell you you could easily get LOST in their enormous muffins, Pain Au Chocolat....or...BE GOOD and have their SHAPE MAGAZINE HEALTHY BREAKFAST. You can find me there on Friday from 9 to 10 until December 9th!

NOOD CAFE The Quadrant square Wilderness Road, Claremont

Oh Yes....and VESPERDENE is actually a ROAD in Greenpoint!!! how cool...
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