Friday, December 9, 2011

BEAN THERE- Fair Trade Coffee

Another fantastic Coffee spot in town on Walle Street corner of Loop.....I'm not a coffee expert (I should be by the number of cafes I have been to in my life!) but I do recognize a perfect cappuccino and they sure make one. Even better- they make ICED LATTE and they have a huge glass bowl filled with marshmallows- FREE for the kiddies. Vesper and I had a great Coffee Break this morning....

Dani's Tip: Get a Coffee Card when you go. Your 2nd and 8th coffee are FREE

Vesper Enjoying her treats....while Mamma enjoys her perfect cappuccino.....
WHY FAIR TRADE? Fair trade means that all partners and farmers are paid a fair fee for their crop.
Huge Coffee Roaster right in the middle of the Shop!!!
They offer 3 different kinds of Ethiopian Beans and they roast all their coffee in house....Bean There is the only Fair Trade shop in SA that roast its coffee on the premises....It does not get Fresher and Tastier than that!!!! 
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