Monday, March 5, 2012


Have You Been to the Food Lover's Market in Tokai??? have I been totally missing out????
I LOOOOOVE this supermarket!!!
The Healthy Nibbles section is almost as good as the one at Whole Foods in the US...WOW! with lots of NOT so healthy nibbles as well...
The SWEET CORNER??? just don't go with your toddler or your husbands!!! (see pics!)- They do have a huge selection of sugar free "caring Candies" on TAP as well! and every possible color of Jelly Bean sold individually.
One of my favorite corners was- 'The Olive Tap’, where customers can get imported olive oil on tap in a variety of flavours, such as lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil and my new favorite " The Director's reserve" at very moderate prices.
The Fruit & Veg section goes on for kilometers...and today the sweet smell of plums was just the BEST.
Then there's a Fish Market, a Biltong Bar, a HUGE Cheese Selection, Bakery, Sushi Bar.....etc. You can get lost for hours in there. Apparently it gets so busy they have to close the doors at times...I was there at 8:30 this AM and it was "grocery shopping heaven!"... i guess that's one of the advantages of dropping Vesper off in Constantia in the morning! :-)
Oh...and there's a full blown Cafe complete with a beer and wine tasting area, called The Cellar, that even serves beer on tap!
Happy shopping.

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