Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back from the BUSH!

Although our stay in the bush was short, it was definitely sweet. The good thing about being in the bush is that the days actually seenm a lot longer, mostly becuse they are filled with nature, beauty, good food and SILENCE! We were lucky enough to experience some decadent hospitality at Molori
and at Morukuru  and even luckier to see Leopard twice in one day and a pride of lion chomping on what Vesper though it was "chocolate" (the head of a wildebeest). This was Vesper's first real safari and she loved every minute, including the baby jaguar ( leopard), the peackocs (springbok), plunge pools, room service and the decadent homemade pink ice cream!!! being back in the bush definitely made us a bit nostalgic for our life at Singita....but once landed in Capetown we were happy to be back! We do live in the most beautiful city in the world.

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