Friday, October 7, 2011

Where do I begin!!!!???

Since my last entry I have visited at least one new Cafe', revisited an old one, been to 2 concerts and managed to use a Groupon coupon for what to date must be the most bizarre Spa Treatment I've had....

NEW CAFE' (new to me!): Petit Fours  in Blouberg...yes, that side of town. I know it is not the first place that comes to mind, but I have to tell you, it was an absolutely glorious morning and this little corky, retro, want to be French Cafe' was just the perfect stop for a Cappuccino and a Quiche (+ a Carrot Cake and a Chocolate Cheese Cake for take away!!). Everything on the display shelf looked absolutely are some examples.

CAFE' REVISITED : Dear Me on Longmarket Street in town, where breakfast was as yummy as the last time. Most importantly during my last visit I had a chance to look at their lunch menu which looked great, with very interesting and unusual dishes...I also learned that they do dinner on Thursday nights only, and Drinks and tapas at their Bar Tjing-Tjing from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 PM to...late!!! They are thinking about opening for BRUNCH on stay tuned for more news! and you know what...most importantly, the woman who manages this place Ronel (ex- Caveau Newlands) is just the nicest person !!! and Vanessa Marx is a good chef with great food ethics (and she makes a mean Mushroom Risotto!). So....make the trip to Dear Me, I think you'll like it!

SPA TREATMENT: Le Fish Spa in Blouberg (hence the visit to Le Petit Fours!). This must be the most bizarre treatment I have ever had. I have the feeling that these fish were the very distant cousins of the Garra Fish found in the outdoor pools of Turkish and other Middle Eastern Spas, and although the setting left a lot to be desired and the chair I had to sit on was borderline torture....I actually enjoyed the fish nibbling on my dead skin. The sad part is that to really get rid of all my dead skin I would have had to keep my feet in the tank for the whole day!!! Not sure I would recommend the Blouberg establishment, but I would definitely try this again in some fabulous Spa in Japan or Turkey.

I'm off to ITALIA for some real LA DOLCE VITA....see you all after October 20th!!!

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