Thursday, January 12, 2012

The your fingertips!

The World is the largest privately owned yacht in the world-and it was recently in Capetown for a few days over X-Mas and again yesterday for a quick stop.

We were lucky to be invited to visit the ship and to have dinner with the GM last night....what a treat!

Learning about life on The World was fascinating and ...check this out: the owners of the 165 apartments (by the way there are still some available ones if you are interested in buying one!) VOTE on the countries they want to visit every year....and OFF they go. In 2012 they will go to: Mauritius, Reunion, Australia, New Zealand, across the Pacific, Melanesian and French Polynesian Islands, Hawaii, Western US, Canada, Alaska, Northwest Passage, Eastern US, and end in the Caribbean for the Holidays!!!! and....because they travel all year round and plan their journeys...they are never anywhere where it's absolutely great is that!!!!! did I get your attention?

The World is equipped with a Banyan tree Spa, Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, full size outdoor tennis courts, gym, library, 5 top restaurants, deli, casino, kids club, putting green, and my ultimate FAVOURITE....Bali Beds where you can comfortably sleep under the stars!!!

Dinner with Renato (the GM) and his lovely Thai wife Lux was entertaining and decadent...champagne was enjoyed at the Bar, followed by a 7 course meal at East , their fine dining Asian Restaurant!!!!

It was a great evening on board of a "Fantasy World" we would never live on.....but definitely a fascinating one!!!

P.S. There are actually 7 PERMANENT residents who live on the ship all year long. They have sold everything and this is their life...the rest of the owners come and go at different times of the year!

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