Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bungalow.....

Wasn't Sunday the PERFECT summer day in Capetown with scorching temperatures of 30 ++++ degrees??? The Bungalow (ex La Med) was actually the perfect place to have lunch with the girls and a few other friends...
The Venue is just fantastic...the owner, who also manages Pepenero, Paranga and the new "Bling Bling" version of The Alphen, has not spared any expenses and the place is simply Capetown Fab at its best!!!
Yes...there is a small plunge pool, where I suppose if you are a tanned, blonde, skinny resident of Camps can dip in the pool in your bikini, if you do not belong to that to just dip your the pool is in the MIDDLE of the restaurant. There are cushions all around so you can actually chill and have one or many drinks as you soak....I think they should turn this into a proper PEDI pool, with fancy sea salt, massage jets, etc... :-)
Oh Yes...and if you are 2 years old and super can also go in the pool.
Lunch marked the end of 2.5 weeks of the girls visit to CPT. Here they are sharing some special time with their Dad and Godfather...
We can't wait to see them again in April!!!

A little Note about The Bungalow....: The Service is not the sharpest at the moment, so it requires a bit of patience! you have to pay R25 if you want to park down below by the restaurant....the food is OK, go for the Sushi or the Fish and Chips (some nice salads too) and the Banana Sunday! Call me when you get a reservation....I'll go AGAIN!
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