Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hangover lunch??.....Cafe Dijon!!!

You will not easily stumble upon Cafe Dijon unless you purposely go and find it...

This "brand new" Bistro is located in the Rockwell Building in Greenpoint (right across from the Cape Quarter) and although service was slow on Sunday (mainly because the kitchen was slow!), it was a great place to have a very lazy (over 3 hours!) Sunday Lunch!
The food was what you expect from a BISTRO with some classic dishes like snails, steak tartare, French Onion soup and apparently a very good steak... from my side I can confirm that the chips and the onion rings were.....worth the visit! !!! 

Café Dijon
15 Napier StreetGreen Pointopposite Anatoli's 
Tel: 021 418 3910Fax: 086 620 4795Email: mail@cafedijon.co.za

The entrance is located at 9 Alfred Street, while approximately 180 parking bays are available just below the restaurant, in The Rockwell.  

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