Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Moments

My trip to NY has come and gone soooo quickly! 
Thanks to the Soho Mondrian for such a great room (my view here!)

It was great seeing friends and spending time in the NY office....but i must say I'm glad I now live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world...if the weather would cooperate now!
Food is always abundant in New York...I had forgotten how HUGE  bagels can  be and how TALL lattes  and ice coffees really are in NY...

FOOD TRUCKS were definitely what stood out the most. they are literally everywhere and sell every ethnic and non ethnic food ever....sadly I did not have a chance to try any, but I did manage to have one of the best Lobster Rolls ever (even Gwyneth Palthrow thinks so!) at Ed's Lobster Bar.
Seeing friends was the highlights!!! especially Faryl and family....

And of course meeting little Camilla....(and hanging with Ana and Lina).
Another big highlight was seeing Veruzza SMILE again....her gorgeous new baby is  just perfect!

And Stacey....always the perfect hostess....THANKS for such a great girls evening at your house!
Being in NY reminded me about the lack of variety here in SA sometimes....so I made sure to indulge in one of my  favorite treats ever. These were at Georgetown Cupcakes.  Can someone please open up one of these in Cape Town? YUM! 
Looks like Republicans and democrats have ONE thing in common....they like Red Velvet Cupcakes! 
And this???? I must have ONE! please tell me where I can buy it. Maybe I'll really learn how to bake!
My Diesel Reunion turned out to be a lot more than expected (this picture was taken at the beginning- I will not share the END pictures!). I love these girls..

And I did manage to see one family member...my Cuja Lisa! 
Seeing Gina and Blake together was a DREAM.... 
And this is a very NY moment....(half way through the night!)
And then again...only in NYC you get to hang out with Pluto and Mickey Mouse (and of course Diana and Bashy!).

Thanks to all the friends who made an effort to see me. I miss you all....next time YOUR TURN!

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