Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hilton Spa Boutique TRASHY as Paris!!!

It had been about a year from my last Groupon experience, so I thought I'd give it another try!!! big mistake....

What was advertised as an Aromatherapy Massage at the Hilton Spa Boutique - was possibly the worst massage I have had in a very long time. To sum it all up....Vesper and her tiny little hands would have given me a much better massage then the 12 year old massage therapist (I seriously doubt any of her credentials).

I knew as we walked in this was definitely not the classiest place in was all confirmed when I realized that the treatment room was actually not even big enough for the therapist to walk around the table...and the floor was covered in oil.

The oil she used had absolutely no AROMA and I'm pretty sure it was some sort of canola or vegetable oil...! lovely.....

Her technique was ......non existent -I had a much better massage in Madagascar when the therapists ended up being the housekeeper and the maintenance guy !!

Lesson learned full price and enjoy some of our great Spas like the One & Only, Fresh Wellness at the Cellars and my little local favorite Ambiente!!! world class....and stay away from anything that has the word HILTON in it!
Crystal Lights
The Chandelier says it all!!!

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