Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spades & Spoons- organically delicious!

I first discovered Spades & Spoons at KAMERSVOL just a few weeks ago and I was immediately intrigued by their absolutely delicious coconut crackers and other RAW products! I was very happy to find out that they were just down the road from Vesper's school where the old Organic at Heart was located.
First interesting thing I noticed were the vintage books .....containing the menus! 
Very cool idea (just like our wedding invites!!)
Surprisingly all these raw goodies are actually really tasty....
The Space is simple and decorated with lovely vintages pieces , flowers  and herbs from the garden...

They have a lot of great juices and very intriguing breakfast choices (RAW & COOKED!)....and they do serve MEAT  with their pledge in MIND:
"We aim to source all of produce from organic, fair-trade suppliers, to develop relationships with local organic farmers and to practice sustainability, recycling and re-purposing principles at every stage." 
This is their story!
And this was my delicious breakfast: Traditional Galette with Organic Eggs, Mushroom and Tomatoes....yum!
Great place to take the kids as well....
23 Constantia Road, Wynberg,
Cape Town, South Africa
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